January 2019 Project Updates

Nem Token Adoptions

We are excited to announce that Ecryptostore is ready for the acceptance of other NEM based token/coins.

This means we can expand the user base and as well provide a transactional service for wider Nem ecosystem. We have had a great response from several tokens already you want to join our system. This will also increase the exposure for FMT and Ecryptostore.


FMT Exchange Listing

We have been researching and talking to multiple exchanges locally and abroad. We have had a couple fall through due to the exchanges being greedy, unethical and failing FMT’s due diligence process. There are a lot of undesirable operators out there and we want what is best for FMT and will  not comprise the integrity and longevity of this project. We have applications pending for other exchanges which will announce when the application is successful.


New Hire

FMT has hired another expert to assist with the security and accessibility aspects of software. This person has had great experience in vulnerability Assessment, incident management, wireless security, malware and many other aspects of digital security. Being Australian based he also understands the local digital landscape.  He will be a great addition to our already amazing local and international team.



Some of the FMT crew will be in Vanuatu for a Blockchain and Crypto meet up. We will again look to be  very active in many more events and meetup going forward. We believe this will help with the future adoption of the software and the token


Development / Software Improvements

Our developers are constantly working on improvements to the system. Some great updates achieved are

  • API Mosaic Payment Controller – Updated codes on Top Up and Withdraw Request, to save any amount related field without the number format as it causes issues in data display WEB My Wallet (Top Up / Withdraw Request)
  • Edit Product new features – Wallet balance display issue updated- Top Up / Withdraw Request updated.
  • Auth Service Provider – Removed codes to expire Passport Token every 4 hours (Passport Bug for tokens Expire In function) Auth Controller
  • API Auth Manager (Profile Update) – Added route for Merchant Info update – Added codes to update the new Merchant Type and ABN/ACN fields – Added backend validation for the new fields Checkout (BTC)
  • Added emoji inputs in reviews components in the product details – Added emoji inputs in the order info when writing a review there.
  • Ongoing development for Products Import CSV feature
  • Incentivised gift marketing architecture
  • Many more…..