Market – Sentiment and ICO Space

Market sentiment has remained bearish for most of 2018 and, with BTC breaking down again, has re-enforced this. Additionally, the ICO market got squeezed hard with many exit scams and cash-grabs leaving investors out-of-pocket and many other ICO’s running out of money and simply disappearing.
Token and coin prices have taken a beating and many of the top projects are down as much as 95%.

Our game plan with FMT has always been long-term. FMT leadership will continue to steer the project and adapt to market conditions. FMT is taking more of a ‘tech and software’ approach to the crypto market to develop infrastructure and expand the FMT ecosystem and token use-case. We see this as a sustainable approach which will bring value to the market and help cryptocurrency adoption.

Events and Exposure

The FMT team has spent a considerable amount of time on the road to promote the project and build relationships for collaborations (current and future).

We have exhibited at numerous major blockchain and crypto events and sponsored several community events also…

Singapore NEM
Sydney Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair
Brisbane BlockConscious
Melbourne CA Meetup
Shenzhen World Blockchain Conference
Dubai Gitex Future Stars
Multiple Gold coast Bitcoin Meetups
Multiple Brisbane Meetups


FMT have signed a couple NDA’s regarding listing on exchanges. We also continue to receive listing offers from many exchanges. We are being cautious not to commit resources and time to exchanges that have low volume as it does not serve the interest of token traders and investors.

Because FMT is a NEM mosaic (as opposed to an ERC20 token), many exchanges require additional work/time/cost to add mosaics.

FMT are exploring options to secure listing and will continue to do so. We feel it is an important part of the project and it is equally important to be done inline with our overall strategy to protect the project, investors and future of FMT. This is a continuous and ongoing process.

1. Business Snapshot

1.1 Introductory information

Diversified Blockchain Technology Portfolio

Business Model – Services and Product royalty model (equity and partnership accumulation)

Core Services / Offerings

  • Ecommerce and transactional services
  • Incentivised Marketing strategies and tools
  • Consulting and real world application
  • Education
  • Skills and Workforce
  • Synergies and partnership support

1.2 Business Assets and Status

Current Technology Assets and Rights

  • Ecryptostore – (Version 2 active and live) – Version 3 in development
  • Rivals AR Game – In development (FMT 49% Ownership)
  • Mosaic payment system (FMT 40% Ownership) – Version 2 in development
  • Mosaic wallet system (FMT 40%) – Version 2 in development

1.3 Current business position

Free Market Token is currently in the emerging growth phase and development in continuous to date

Free Market Token is also expanding resources to supplement the growth.

2. Structures and Resources


  1. Nathan Burns
  2. Austin Lewinsmith
  3. Rafael Bergola

Advisory Board

  1. Legal Counsel – Paul McCafferty
  2. Lead in Software development – Bryan King
  3. Lead in Database Integration – Jan Martinez
  4. Lead in Digital Marketing and SEO – Felix Chua
  5. Project Manager – Ralph Siasat
  6. Legal Counsel (Tax) – Jeff Chung
  7. Accounting Counsel – Reuben Bergola

2.1 Key staff, advisors and mentors

Key staff and advisorsRoleSkills, attributes, experience
Paul McCaffertyIn house Legal CounselOver 30 years of corporate Experience
Bryan KingLead in Software developmentOver 15 years in development experience
Jan MartinezLead in Database IntegrationOver 15 years in development experience
Ralph SiasiatProject Manager10  years in development experience
Jeff ChungTax AdvisoryOver 15 years in Tax Experience
Felix ChuaLead in Digital Marketing and SEOOver 15 years in development experience

3. Business Operations

3.1 Products and Services




– Ecommerce and transactional services
– Incentivised Marketing strategies and tools
– Consulting and real world application
– Education
– Skills and Workforce
– Synergies and partnership support



Distribution through website and strategic partners. Strategic partners are also involved in attaining users for the ecommerce platform.



The price model  for ecryptostore is based on sliding scale model of transactions fees. The fees can range from 1% to 3% depending on user profile. This will begin when we hit critical mass of users.

Future growth


 We endeavour to be always on top of the game with the latest technology.  This will be sustainable due to the access to the large IT resource and ongoing fees from the transactions when critical mass is hit.



We will be process payments as transactions as done. We will take a small percentage of each purchase.  Tokens will be sold for incentivised gift marketing.



These products and services with be created in conjunction with Partners such as Proxima X, Nem, Wall Street Digital and Blockchain Collective

3.2 Risk management

3.2.1 Risk assessment

RiskImpact if it occurs – high, medium or lowHow it’s managed
Low Token acceptanceHighIncrease exposure / Move with the Marketing
Low Technology AcceptanceMediumIncrease exposure / Move with the Marketing
PartnershipsLowAttaining more Strategic Partners

3.3 Our Strengths

  • Reputation and Partnerships in the industry
  • Large software (in house) development team trained in blockchain and other technology platform
  • Multi country locations
  • Strong network of advisors and connectors
  • Strong legal and advisory board with high level understanding of corporate governance in blockchain and crypto space.
  • Direct connection to Blockchain education, Consultancy Expertise and change management expertise.
  • Ownerships in active software with growing user base.

3.4 Opportunities in the market and proposition

Location Scope – Global scope with an emphasis on South East Asia, Australia and the middle east.

Target Clients

  1. Business who want/need to adapt to the blockchain
  2. Advertising agencies and business looking for new advertising platform
  3. Cryptocurrency Users (buyers and Sellers)
  4. Business and product developers wanting to take advantage of blockchain
    1. End to end of Technology stack
    2. Proof of supply and logistical needs
    3. Maintenance of technology needs
    4. Change management and advisory needs

Cashflow Model – Tech (IP) royalty and licensing, Residual Commissions and Sophisticated investments

3.5 Customer Management

How do you acquire new customers?

New clients are acquired through the following

– Partnerships in retail and technology
– SEO and New media strategies

Why is your customer service model effective?Highly incentive based. Big upside and rewards for becoming members
How do you retain your most profitable customers?

Client retention is achieved through the following

– Constant rewards and promotions
– Preferential rates
-Cross Marketing

How do you manage or move on customers you would prefer not to keep?Instant Banning or freezing of account.

4. What is Next?

With a strong and stable team and opportunities in the ever changing blockchain space. FMT group aims to be a leader and innovator in this space in the coming years

With our focus on blockchain technology rather than cryptocurrency in general, we aim to avoid (as much as possible) the unknown marketing factors and legislative landmines of the current cryptocurrency market.

Our close relationships with the some of the biggest players and leaders in the space and by our innovative Research and development team will are constantly looking to grow our current platform as well as looking for new opportunities.

We personally believe the long term market in blockchain technology is very fruitful and encourage our FMT following to embrace opportunity as well as the be informed about the volatility and the risk.