Ecryptostore Platform consists of a number of persons/entities (collectively called “Merchants”) who have been accepted by Ecryptostore to join the Ecryptostore Platform (subject to terms and conditions), to offer their goods and services for sale to the public (“Recipients”).

Whilst every effort is made by Ecryptostore to ensure that each Merchant on the Platform is a genuine, honest and competent seller of its good and/or services, Ecryptostore, its directors, employees, contractors, representatives, and advisors, do not have any responsibility to any person or Recipient (whether by way of negligence, negligent misstatement, opinion, the provision of defective goods and/or services, poor or inadequate services, fraud, or any other matter or thing whatsoever), done or omitted to be done by any Merchant on the Ecryptostore Platform.

Each Recipient must rely on its own knowledge, investigation, judgement, and assessment of the goods and services provided by Merchants on the Ecryptostore Platform, and satisfy themselves of the validity of any transaction.