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Our mission is simple. Be the world’s No.1 cryptocurrency Buy/Sell Platform. Through the Free Market token we provide an opportunity for anyone to easily buy and sell goods using cryptocurrency.

Free Market Token is a powerful utility token enhancing the e-commerce experience while rewarding and protecting both shoppers and merchants on

Become a Merchant

Become a merchant on the Ecryptostore platform and start earning cryptocurrency today. Easily set up an Ecryptostore, list and sell your items and receive cryptocurrency directly to your wallet.

Use Free Market Tokens

Use FREE MARKET tokens on the platform to reduce transaction fees, secure lifetime merchant status and trade for goods and services.

Make A Difference

15% of all net transaction fees and subscriptions will be distributed to charities each month. The FREE MARKET community will have the opportunity to vote for the cause they believe in and funds will be distributed accordingly.


Ecryptostore is a feature-packed e-commerce platform with a simple user interface. It has been built to make the process of buying and selling goods with cryptocurrency simple and convenient.

Become a Merchant

Become a merchant on the Ecryptostore platform and start earning cryptocurrency today. Easily set up an Ecryptostore, list and sell your items and receive cryptocurrency directly to your wallet.

Powerful Platform

Ecryptostore provides a powerful platform for people to buy/sell goods and services locally, nationally and across the globe with crypto.

Security Measures

Security, privacy, and fraud prevention are a priority. We have several layers of protection built in to deter fraudsters, protect sensitive information and encourage genuine merchant transactions.


Version 1 of the FREE MARKET TOKEN SALE Roadmap for Quarter 1-Quarter 3 2018

Q1 Q2 Q3
Beta Test, Web based Platform, Built-in Chat function, Integrated Fiat Payment
Cryptocurrency Payment gateway integration (3rd Party gateway)
Ecryptostore to accept Fiat currency for FMT tokens
Preliminary Partnership discussions
Private sale
ICO launch Dates Pre ICO 1: 7 May 18 until sold out, Pre ICO 2: Continued from Pre ICO 1 until 7 July or until sold out, ICO Main Sale: 7 May - 8 or until sold out, 9 July or until sold out.
ICO Closed & token Audit Conducted
FMT token Distribution to ICO participants
Full Integration of Escrow & Instant Settlement Payment Gateway
Multi-Currency Web/Desktop/Mobile Ecryptostore wallet
3rd Party on-platform token Exchange Integration
Ecryptostore Feature Enhancements • Geo-locational listing • Geo-fencing with Push notification • Crypto Directory listing
IOS & Android Apps available for Download
Global Expansion 1st Country
3rd Party Platform Integration
Platform Partnership Launch and Integration
Beta Testing of Platform
Completed 100%
Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
Completed 100%
Free Market Token Private Sale
Completed 100%
Pre ICO 1 Sale
Completed 100%
Pre ICO 2 Sale
Completed 100%
ICO Main Sale
Completed 100%
ICO Token Audit
Completed 80%
Escrow & Instant Settlement Integration
Ongoin 50%
Multi-Currency Ecryptostore Wallet
Ongoing 100%
IOS & Android Apps
Ongoing 48%
Full Free Market Token Integration
Completed 100%
3Rd Party On-Platform Instant Exchange Integration
Completed 0%
Ecryptostore Feature Enhancements
Ongoing 20%
Global Expansion
Ongoing 0%
Platform Partnership Integration
Ongoing 0%

ICO Pricing Table

The ICO is staged to reward early supporters of the ecryptostore platform and FREE MARKET community. We recognise the value of the community and have structured the offering to encourage fair token distribution and reduce the impact of whale investors.

The Free Market Team

The FREE MARKET Token is supported by the collective efforts of a strong web development team, experienced business leaders and exceptional legal compliance.

Co Founders


Co Founder


Co Founder


Co Founder

Advisors and Legal


Innovation and Strategic Alliances North America


Legal, Tax and Compliance - Advisor


Business Development and Strategic Advisor - South East Asia


Lawyer and Notary Public Legal Counsel – Advisor

Madison Van Bennekom

Business development, social media awareness, strategic advisor


Blockchain architecture, Exchanges and Strategic - Advisor

Development Team


Architect / Oracle Database Administrator / Project Delivery


Project Manager and AWS Infrastructure Architect


Developer and Deployment Engineer


Developer and Deployment Engineer


Senior Web Developer / Team Leader

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